hello, world 

i'm MiA and i'm 18 years old, but i don't particularly feel my age. not in a "i have so much worldly wisdom" way; more in a "wow i've been through some shit that's made me feel/think a lot of things that i'm struggling to reconcile with my fledgling teenage existence" way.   

right now i'm working and saving up for my Next Big Adventure (TBD) on my gap year, which so far has taken me to France, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Iceland.

i tried to keep a blog at first, but its linear structure didn't mesh with my non-linear experience of travel, in which days felt like weeks and weeks felt like days; moments stretched out before me, then slipped through my fingers; time was suspended, and i often lost track of it altogether.

this collage-like collection of sights, sounds & words is a more thoughtful and intentional attempt at capturing whatever comes my way.

enjoy :)